About Our Hats

Our Hat

Meet WMB Studio’s signature line, The Authentic Australian Aboriginal Artist Artwork Summer Sun Bucket Hat. Bold, colorful, dreamy, and culturally significant, our bucket hats celebrate ancient Aboriginal art reimagined for everyday wear.

Each stunning print on our Summer Sun Bucket Hat celebrates the ancient Aboriginal ritual of dreaming, with Dreamtime artwork curated by female Australian Aboriginal artists to create a product unmatched in both beauty and cultural relevance.

The dreamscape artwork on the hats are bold, and intentionally so, to remind those who wear our hats they are bold and beautiful and deserve to be seen and heard.

In crafting a truly unique wearable art experience, our hats are tailored to your size, so you can enjoy the perfect fit every time.

Our drawstrings were born out of necessity and convenience. No one likes their hat to blow off on a windy day, so our hats keep our wearable art in place so you can enjoy your day out without worrying about chasing down your hat, thanks to aesthetically pleasing and adjustable knot stoppers.

WMB Studio is also honored to be an Australian company that relies on local support to bring our wearable art to life. Our hats are truly of Australia, by Australians. We’ve painstakingly picked out quality materials and source them from local businesses and individuals to create a uniquely Australian wearable art experience.