Certificate of Authenticity_Women’s Body Dreaming, Cindy Wallace


Certificate of Authenticity

WMB Studio certifies that your hat is hand crafted in Australia using authentic Australian Aboriginal Artists’ artwork. Our fabric is sourced from suppliers with rights to the artists’ artworks and with per yardage royalties paid to the artists. In addition, your purchase contributes to Aboriginal Literacy Foundation and mission #AllLivesMatters.

The artwork on your WMB Studio Bucket Hat is certified Authentic Australian Aboriginal Artist Artwork.

Your Artist – Cindy Wallace

This Dreamtime is painted by Cindy Wallace. A self-taught artist, Cindy comes from the well-known Wallace family and has been painting for 28 years. Born in 1973, she stays at Santa Teresa, an Aboriginal Land, about 80km from Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Central Australia. Cindy speaks Anmatyerre & Alwayarr.*

Your Artwork – Women’s Body Dreaming 

Cindy’s work on Women Body Dreaming is an excellent representation of ‘Awelye’ that describes everything to do with a women’s ceremony. To partake in Awelye ceremonies, women decorate their bodies with dots, lines, circular segments and other types. These decorations mirror the dancing tacks taken during ceremonial times. Women perform Awelye ceremonies to demonstrate respect to their country, including Dreamtime stories that belong to the ancestors. People go to their elder and discuss numerous problems without fears. People attend corrobboree to learn, maintain their social mix, uphold their culture and way to preserve it. These stories form a very important part of the Aboriginal society, assisting and teaching people how to behave, social order and their belief system.*

Designer’s Inspiration

“The Women’s Body Dreaming Bucket Hat is the most beloved design in the Signature Collection . When I first saw it, I fell in love with the bold, colorful and dreamy artwork and was excited to learn its culturally significant story. I knew I had to make her an irresistible number to preserve and share it with more people around the world. This hat is designed to celebrate feminine strength and resilience and women’s power to heal and serve.”       

   – Catherine, Founder & Designer, WMB Studio

*All information listed on this page is supplied by fabric supplier and referenced from https://www.aboriginalartstore.com.au/. Your Certificate of Authenticity has been updated on April 2022.