Certificate of Authenticity_Bush Berry Ash Ecru, MARLENE DOOLAN


Certificate of Authenticity

WMB Studio certifies that your hat is hand crafted in Australia using authentic Australian Aboriginal Artists’ artwork. Our fabric is sourced from suppliers with rights to the artists’ artworks and with per yardage royalties paid to the artists. In addition, your purchase contributes to Aboriginal Literacy Foundation and mission #AllLivesMatters.

The artwork on your WMB Studio Bucket Hat is certified Authentic Australian Aboriginal Artist Artwork.

Bush Berry Ecru, by Marlene Doolan

Bush Berry Ash, by Marlene Doolan

Your Artist – Marlene Doolan

This Dreamtime is painted by Marlene Doolan. Born in 1970, Marlene comes from Ltyentye Apurte, approximately one hour from Alice Springs, Central Australia. She started her artistic journey in 1987 when she began working with the Keringke Arts Centre based in Santa Teresa. In her early beginnings, she depicted designs on clothing and shoes and it wasn’t until 1999 when she started using acrylics on canvas. Like many women from Santa Teresa, Marlene, depicts her traditional Dreamings using a style which has been called Keringke. It is characterised by bright colours, and fine intricate details. Marlene speaks Eastern Arrernte.*

Your Artwork – Bush Berry  

Though Alice Spring is a semi-desert area, in winter, rainfall is heavy. Wild bush berries grow heavily after the rain and you can see flowers blossom almost everywhere. Marlene could not go past without depicting beautiful wild bush berries after the rain. This is an intricate piece of work, precise in their detail with beautifully thought out colour schemes. In this masterpiece, green and brown berries growing in water-soaked mud street sides and about are illustrated.*

Designer’s Inspiration

“I have always seen Marlene as a colourist magician. And, you can see why from these 2 Bush Berry Ecru and Ash numbers. When I first saw Bush Berry Ecru, I was drawn to its feminine and intricate aura. Then very quickly, I am in awe of the cool, alluring energy of Bush Berry Ash. I decide to include both designs in our collection for you to express yourself freely because you are bold and beautiful and deserve to be seen and heard.”

 Catherine, Founder & Designer, WMB Studio

*All information listed on this page is supplied by fabric supplier and referenced from https://www.aboriginalartstore.com.au/. Your Certificate of Authenticity has been updated on April 2022.