Certificate of Authenticity_Spirit People 2 Green by Denise Doolan

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Certificate of Authenticity

WMB Studio certifies that your hat is hand crafted in Australia using authentic Australian Aboriginal Artists’ artwork. Our fabric is sourced from suppliers with rights to the artists’ artworks and with per yardage royalties paid to the artists. In addition, your purchase contributes to Aboriginal Literacy Foundation and mission #AllLivesMatters.

The artwork on your WMB Studio Bucket Hat is certified Authentic Australian Aboriginal Artist Artwork.

Your Artist – Denise Doolan

We are unable to research more on Artist, Denise Doolan, except that she is from the Santa Teresa region of Central Australia. As some Aboriginal Artists are living on Aboriginal Land and chosen to be off-grid, we respect their privacy and would only share available information they have shared. 

Your Artwork – Spriti People 2 Green  

Spirit People 2 Green

According to the Aboriginal mythology, before creation time there was nothing in the universe. The soil was soft and one day their forefathers sprung up from underneath the soil. They decided to create the necessities for future generations and soon started creating roads, gardens, trees, etc. And, in the evening, when the spirit people needed to rest, two rainbow snakes guarded their creations.

In this Dreaming, spirit people are gathering together in the evening. They discuss their works, drink, eat and dance. They make rules for future generations to maintain social harmony. The understanding of the Aboriginal spirituality is fundamental to maintain social order, respect for elders and peace in the community.*

Designer’s Inspiration

“It’s always a mystery to me and I long to find out more about Denise Doolan. I love her Dreamings. I love how light illuminates through the yellow pigment in this Dreamtime; like it’s lighting the way. As I drape this fabric during our design phase, I am in awe of how this Dreaming lights up one’s face and accents the eyes. I am also allured by the beautiful story behind this Dreamtime, reminding us how our forefathers have sacrificed so that we get to enjoy. It’s the message to also remind us of our resillience and our duty to serve so that generations to come will get to enjoy like we do.” 

 Catherine, Founder & Designer, WMB Studio

*All information listed on this page is supplied by fabric supplier. Your Certificate of Authenticity has been updated on April 2022.