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Spirit People 2 Green Dreaming Bucket Hat


Gratitude that lasts generations

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+Superior Quality – Handmade with 100% premium soft cotton, and adjustable cotton drawstring, your hat is windproof, soft, breathable and only weighs around 65grams, giving you the ultimate comfort and cooling on a hot sunny day.

+ Original Australian Aboriginal Artists Dreaming – Buy and own a piece of this 60,000-year-old ancient living art; Spirit People 2 Green is an artistic tribute to the elders before us, who decided to create the necessary things for future generations, including roads, gardens, trees, etc. The dreamtime depicts two rainbow snakes, which were guarding elders’ creations when the spirit people were getting tired in the evening. This beautiful piece is by Denise Doolan, who is a meticulous designer

+Tailored Fit – Pre-shrunk durable cotton to give you the same fit after every wash. Our beach hat is your perfect solar escape hat for outdoor with a wide brim approx 7cm. Available in S, M, and L sizes.

+Australia made – Our women’s bucket hats are 100% designed and handmade in Australia and imported to the USA, and a percentage of our revenue will be contributed to serve earth and humanity through our mission #AllLivesMatter

+Multipurpose – Our bucket hats for women will be your artistic keepsake, a fashion statement for both casual days and special occasions, and our not-so-uncommon feel-like-something-special days. It is packable and rollable into a small bundle making it a travel-friendly beach bucket hat.

Additional information

Weight 0.110 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 33 × 0.2 cm

L – 58cm, M – 54cm, S – 52cm


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